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Virtual Autopsy UK (VAUK), signs MoU with Blake Emergency Services (BES), the global emergency responses company involved in mass fatality recovery and disaster victim identification (DVI).

VAUK utilise the power of their innovative proprietary software environment “VizOpsy” and high-performance computing to create a 3D whole-body reconstruction of the human remains from data generated using a CT or MRI scanner. The virtual body is then displayed in 4K definition on either their digital touch-enabled dissection table (VizTouch3D) or a medical-grade monitor for pathologists and experts to carry out a detailed examination without the need for a scalpel. The virtual autopsy procedure allows the experts to record a list of injuries and probable cause of death without further mutilation of the body. Many consider the non-invasive Virtual Autopsy to be a more humane procedure when investigating sudden, suspicious, and unnatural deaths and can sometimes lead to a speedier release of the body back to their loved ones whilst also observing religious tenets for some faith groups.

Ash Govind, CEO of VAUK said “we are very pleased to be working with Blake Emergency Services who have over 30 years of expertise in emergency response and the recovery of human remains after a mass fatality. We feel that our capabilities will greatly assist BES in the incredible work they do around the world, and Virtual Autopsy will form a compassionate and innovative part of their process, bringing some relief to bereaved relatives at a very difficult time. We consider BES to be a client focussed, market-leading organisation and are proud to be associated with them whilst serving their needs”. 

Abigail Pollard, Managing Director of BES said” To add Virtual Autopsy to the range of skills and resources that we can call upon when responding to a mass fatality event is, for us, exciting. We believe that is it vitally important that we provide a high level of care and respect to the deceased and their family at all times, and Virtual Autopsy will allow us to enhance our capabilities in this area even further”.