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Training in Virtual Autopsy plays a pivotal role in modern medical education and forensic science. By simulating realistic scenarios and providing hands-on experience, it offers an efficient way for medical professionals and forensic investigators to enhance their skills in post-mortem examination.

This technology not only overcomes the logistical challenges of traditional autopsies but also allows for repeated practice, enabling learners to refine their techniques and develop a deeper understanding of post-mortem imaging and pathology. Additionally, our Virtual Autopsy training fosters collaboration among experts worldwide, facilitating knowledge sharing and standardisation of practices. Ultimately, it ensures that practitioners are better equipped to conduct thorough and accurate examinations, leading to improved patient care and more reliable forensic investigations.

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Training in Virtual Autopsy (post-mortem CT) is crucial for forensic experts and clinicians to future-proof their careers by embracing innovation and technology in post-mortem imaging. As the field of medicine evolves, so do the tools and techniques used in diagnostics and forensic investigation.

Virtual Autopsies offer clinicians an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, enhancing their skill set with cutting-edge methods that are becoming increasingly prevalent. By mastering our Virtual Autopsy techniques, clinicians can better adapt to the changing landscape of deathcare, ensuring they remain relevant and proficient in their practice. Embracing our Virtual Autopsy training empowers clinicians to harness the potential of innovation, positioning them as leaders in their field and enhancing their ability to meet the demands of tomorrow's forensic and deathcare landscape.

Professor Peter Vanezis (Director, AFMS, London)

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The Virtual Autopsy Training programs aim to provide participants with hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of virtual autopsy procedures. Participants will have the unique opportunity to engage in interactive sessions, case studies, and practical exercises, all aimed at enhancing their proficiency in virtual autopsy techniques.

We offer a variety of training courses and workshops across the world each year to add knowledge and upskill your personal development.

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Our two- and three-day Workshops, Basic Training, Advanced Training, and Fellowship Training courses in Virtual Autopsy are in association with The Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences (London, UK).

Virtual Autopsy UK Ltd is registered with the CPD Standards Office UK, part of the Professional Development Consortium. We are fully authorised to accredit and attribute CPD Points upon completion of our training programmes.

You can be confident that the quality of the learning from our team of experts will enhance the participants' understanding and proficiency in the field of virtual autopsies.


Our Virtual Autopsy training courses have exceeded the expectations of many of the participants. The interactive modules and hands-on practice sessions offered a level of detail and realism that traditional training methods cannot match. Here, participants share their experience of completing our Virtual Autopsy Training courses and Workshops

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Periodically, we will publish our worldwide training schedules on this page of our website for you to register you’re interested if you wish to participate.

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