Virtual Autopsy Suite™

The Virtual Autopsy Suite™ is suitable for organisations where there is redundant space within the fabric of an existing building. This could be space in the Mortuary, Forensic Centre, or an empty ward in a hospital. The footprint consists of 2 main rooms, the CT Scanning Room and the CT Console Control Room, which also houses the Local Data Server and the VizTouch3D™ Forensic Dissection Table.

If space allows, a viewing gallery can also be included. We deploy our capabilities to Remodel the empty room/space to create a Virtual Autopsy Suite™. We provide you with our expertise in the design, enabling works, commissioning, and project management of your Virtual Autopsy Suite™, and we follow the strict PM-CT protocols to prepare the CT room in line with the highest standard of radiation safety and cooling.


  • Project Management of the Design/Layout, Enabling Works, and Commissioning

  • CT Scanner & Console, Virtual Autopsy Workstation, VizOpsy™ Enterprise Forensic Information System Software, Viz3D™ Visualisation Software, Medical-grade Monitors, Server Hardware, VizTouch3D™ Forensic Dissection Table

  • VizOpsy™ PACS (picture archiving and communication system)

  • Local Server Data Storage, Security, Archiving, Teleradiology, Data Transfer & Networking

  • Fire Suppression and Close Circuit Cameras Systems

  • Workflows, Documentation, Forensic specific CT Protocols, SOPs, Reporting (Optional)

  • On-site post-installation fully Accredited (with CPD Points) training for Pathologists, Radiologists, Radiographers, Technicians, Systems Administrators

  • Warranty, Maintenance, Support

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