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Revolutionizing Forensic Science in the Philippines!

Experience Revolutionary Forensic Innovation in the Philippines with Virtual Autopsy Solutions, a UK-based leader. Discover groundbreaking technology and empower our forensic teams for faster, conclusive results. Join us on the journey to a state-of-the-art forensic center!

Imagine a world where cutting-edge forensic technology comes to life right here in the Philippines. Virtual Autopsy Solutions, a UK-based leader in forensic innovation, recently graced our shores to unveil groundbreaking products and services that are truly world-firsts.

In a momentous virtual autopsy workshop held at the Philippine Investigation & Forensic Science Academy in Taguig City, esteemed guests gathered. Among them were representatives from the Philippine National Police (PNP), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), dedicated doctors, pathologists, radiologists, eager students, and many more.

The workshop’s goal was simple yet profound: to introduce the Philippines to the very latest in Virtual Autopsy Solutions technology. The attendees were left in awe by the incredible advancements presented. They unanimously voiced their belief that such technology should be embraced in the Philippines, as it promises to empower our forensic teams to deliver swifter and more conclusive results.

Roy Bato, the CEO of IBS Worldwide Corp, shared his vision at the workshop, stating that “the Philippines deserves a state-of-the-art forensic center to meet the nation’s forensic needs.”

Virtual Autopsy Solutions (UK) is at the forefront of innovative Med-Tech post-mortem Imaging and Education. Their pioneering approach involves an end-to-end Non and Minimally Invasive post-mortem imaging solution, powered by their in-house proprietary software known as “VizOpsy™.”

Virtual Autopsy™ represents a groundbreaking medical technology, where non-intrusive human autopsies are conducted using a CT Scanner to obtain a comprehensive 3D view of the body. Virtual Autopsy Solutions™ has developed a software-driven process, where the acquired Dicom data is visualized through their exclusive software (VizOpsy™). This technology allows for a 360-degree view and dissection of the virtual body in high definition. It empowers medical examiners, coroners, and pathologists to scrutinize blood vessels, organs, bones, and tissues, ultimately determining the cause of death and the manner in which it occurred.

This remarkable event was made possible through the collaboration of The Filipinos World, The Manila Times, IBS Media Group, and other valued partners. Join us in celebrating this leap into the future of forensic science right here in our beloved Philippines!