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Equipment for virtual autopsy presented in Kazakhstan

The new equipment Virtual Autopsy is planned to be delivered to Kazakhstan.

“The most important thing in a virtual autopsy is that you can virtually cut the body, even a million times, and restore the body to its pre-excision state. This process is absolutely impossible in a physical autopsy. Once the body is excised, you cannot return it to its original state. And you can use a virtual autopsy many times, “open” it many times, return to this dossier even after 20 years. There is no need for exhumation,” said a leading medical expert at Virtual Autopsy Solutions.

“Virtual autopsy would be very helpful because it simplifies the work of autopsy and is an indispensable tool for the body of the deceased to be buried faster. Sometimes manipulations are performed on the body, which are considered disrespectful. Therefore, this project will be in demand from the point of view of practical, economic and from the point of view of believers,” said Imam Maksatbek Kairgaliyev.

Published by Liter KZ