Explore the Power of Realistic Anatomical Visualisation with VizTouch™ Table

What is an Anatomage Table?

You might be interested in learning more about the anatomage table. Although it's a strong tool for medical research and studies, we want to present you with something even more exciting: our VizTouch™ Table.

In the medical field and research, anatomage tables are often applied. Students and experts may examine and evaluate human anatomy with the help of their three-dimensional digital dissection platform. On the other hand, Our VizTouch™ Tables are the best.

VizTouch™ Table is an advanced alternative to the renowned Anatomage Table. It provides a natural user interface to pathologists for displaying and executing simple digital dissections.

Unus (Fixed) – Black

55”, 65”, & 75” inch (Interactive Area)

Classicus - White or Black

55” & 65” inch (Interactive Area)

Excellentia - White or Black

65”, 75”, & 86” inch (Interactive Area)

How much does an anatomy table cost?

The cost of anatomage tables can greatly depend on a variety of standards such as the model, software version, and any extra functions. Anatomage is an excellent tool for those who work in the medical sector, we think our VizTouch™ Table provides unique benefits that push the limits of medical representation to the next level.

Why Choose VizTouch™ Over Anatomage?

We provide an innovative, easy autopsy experience with our VizTouch™ tables. You not only get high-resolution graphics with our service but you also can accessibility to a variety of real dead body information that consists of many different types of death.

Our tables were intended to be both responsive and useful. You can modify your experience as per your preferences by selecting one of three models, each of which can be adjusted for vertical and horizontal viewing by motorised engineering.

Step into the Future with VizTouch™

The VizTouch™ Table is a gateway to the fascinating world of digital autopsy. Our VizTouch™ Table is the perfect option whether you're a professional looking for advanced autopsy equipment or a student looking for an informative and useful learning tool.

Contact us now to learn more about how our VizTouch™ Tables may modify medical education and autopsy practices.

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