Virtual Autopsy

Why is Virtual Autopsy?

Virtual Autopsy is a new medical technology where non-intrusive human autopsies are performed by using a CT Scanner to obtain a detailed view of the body.

Virtual Autopsy Solutions™ has developed an end-to-end software-based procedure, where the acquired Dicom data is rendered through proprietary software (VizOpsy™) to create a full 3D whole-body reconstruction. 360-degree rotation may then be used to view, dissect and examine the virtual body in high definition, allowing medical examiners, coroners and pathologists to examine the state of the blood vessels, organs, bones and tissues and thus, determine the cause of death or probable cause of death, and the manner in which the patient died.

Virtual Autopsy™ can even bring to light crucial information regarding the body that is difficult or time-consuming to acquire using conventional means. Findings and evidence from the Virtual Autopsy™ procedure are stored in a server system for future query and retrieval. All data is highly secure and can be remotely accessed by courts of law, hospitals and forensic centres.

The process offers a significant humanitarian step forward in respecting the dignity of the deceased after death and preserving certain religious requirements. Besides using Virtual Autopsy™ for forensic and clinical purposes, it can be customised for surgical simulation exercises as well as an educational tool suitable for medical professionals and students.

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