Virtual Autopsy



Our 55 inch touch-screen VizTouch™ noninvasive Autopsy Table provides Pathologists with a a natural user interface through which to conduct non-invasive autopsies. Height adjustable and with electric tilt (vertical to horizontal), the multi-touch solution with wireless remote control on heavy duty wheels. 1400mm wide and 850mm deep while the display is tilted to vertical position and elevated the top of the device is 1850mm.


• Sleek, slim frame in brushed steel, white or black
• 32 touch point options
• 4K Resolution 3840 × 2160 Pixels
• Discreet PC housing
• 4 USB connections, HDMI, DVI and VGA
• Touch technology LED Cell Imaging / Projected Capacitive
• Minimum Detectable Object Size: +- 1.5mm
• Luminous Transmission Better than 95%
• Touch activation force No pressure required
• Sampling Rate Up to 200 fps (depends on frame size)
• Working Temperature 0 – 50°c
• Touch Method: finger, gloved hand or any other pointer. Finger touch accuracy 2.7 mm


For medical visualization application that helps medical students and clinicians with education and surgical simulation. It incorporates a whole body anatomical approach, with a customisable working area, and documentation capable of matching medical information to human body visuals in 3D. This comprehensive 3D visualization tool with intuitive hands-on interface allows for quick analysis and examination when displayed on the VizTouch™ anatomy table and includes post-mortem datasets.

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VizTouch Elite – White

VizTouch™ Pro – Black

VizTouch™ Standard – White