Virtual Autopsy

Our Software

Our Proprietary software “VizOpsy™” is a full function Forensic Information System (FIS) which allows the expert at the start, to carry out the post-mortem examination procedure in 3D volume, and end with a full multimedia cause of death (COD) post mortem report. Just some of the Key unique features to assist the expert/s in the Virtual Autopsy procedure are:

  • Case Registration
  • Volume, Angle, Density, and Linear Measurements
  • Fly Through and Non-Invasive Endoscopy
  • Anatomisation
  • Organ Rendering and Sculpting
  • Multi Plane Dissection


We can also include customisable modules such as:
Post Mortem Angiography (VizAngio)
Pulmonary Pathology (VizPulmo)
Calcium Scoring (VizCal)

The vast majority of our high performance computing (HPC) and software environment are FDA approved CE Certified to meet the highest Global standards of quality and reliability.